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What İs Human Resources Software?

Human resources software is software used to support and manage the functions of a company’s human resources department. Human resources software has been developed to automate and optimize personnel management, recruitment, training, performance evaluation, time and attendance management, workforce analysis and other human resources processes.


The Odoo Human Resources module contains many sections. You can manage Staff, Contracts, Leaves, Timetable and arrivals.

Check out all the important information of each unit at a single glance. Make sensitive information visible only to HR managers or make other information such as the staff directory available to all staff. Get alerts on a new leave request, allocation request, apps, promotions and more.

Gather all information about each staff member in one place.

Track the status, job titles, contract type, dates and schedules of your employees.

Track the presence of your employees at work. HR managers can easily report the monthly presence of employees at work with menu entry and status.

Set up your job postings, promote your job postings, and easily track submitted applications. Track each candidate and create a skills and profile database with indexed documents.

No need to outsource recruitment – manage your recruitment process internally in a simple and professional way.

Use the Kanban view and customize the steps of your hiring process: pre-screening, first interview, second interview, negotiation, etc. Get accurate statistics about your recruitment process.

Employees can enter their requests (paid leave, rest leave, etc.). Managers decide to approve or reject leave requests. The notification is sent to the employees and their calendar is updated automatically.

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