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What is Payroll Software?

Payroll software is software used for calculating, managing and tracking the salary and other payments of a company’s employees. Payroll software is used by human resources departments and includes many components such as salary calculations, tax deductions, social security contributions, leaves, deductions and other employee payments.


You can easily manage your payroll management with odoo payroll management. Payroll is an important factor in any organization. Because the primary purpose of the payroll is to ensure that all employees are paid correctly and on time, with the correct amounts and deductions. Sometimes the HR manager wants all additions and deductions to be reserved to show on the payroll, in which case the HR payroll processing module comes into play. This module will help to add all the payroll transactions and make them visible in a separate section of the payroll, which will facilitate the work of the HR Manager and ensure smooth and efficient creation of the payroll.

Easily calculate personnel payrolls with up-to-date wage rules and incentives. You can add or remove extra rules if you want.

Create payrolls of all personnel, either separately or at once.

All you have to do is select the collective payroll line and continue the process by selecting the personnel.

After you approve the payrolls you have created, the system automatically creates the journal entry.

It assigns the necessary data to the chart of accounts that we have defined for the fee rules. You just have to control it. If you want, you can change the content and add a description.

Record-print personnel payrolls individually or collectively on letterhead paper defined specifically for you.

Easily transfer monthly or annual summary report from the system. Enjoy seeing all the expenses of the personnel in a single report.

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