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We have examined in our Odoo ERP article that Odoo is a program that meets the needs of all types of companies such as purchasing, sales, marketing, invoicing and human resources. In this article, we will give an overview of Odoo and take a quick look at these modules. You can find detailed information about these modules in our next articles.


Odoo has two versions, Communty and Enterprise. While the Communty version is completely open-sourced and free, the Enterprise version is licensed. Enterprise version has exclusive features and services. However, many basic features and facilities are similar in both versions. Currently, Odoo 15 is the latest version of the program. Although there is a difference in appearance on the main page where we can access the modules of the program, the processes are the same.


The first module that you come across from the moment you install the program is the discuss application. Thanks to this application, you can message your in-house personnel either in general or privately.


Calendar is an application where you can create events that you need to follow up-to-date and add participants. You can send meeting links and invite special personnel to the activities in your agenda.


When you want to take notes on any subject related to your company or prepare meeting minutes, the Notes application will be sufficient. In this way, whether you have meeting notes or daily notes, you can have your agenda with you whenever and wherever you want.


The most important thing for a company is actually the Contacts. It is impossible for a company to continue its business life without contacts. Recording all these relationships we have established is of vital importance for the sales, purchasing and marketing departments.

Odoo CRM

This module, known as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), is a must-have for every company that wants to grow. In this way, our company develops new sales strategies for the contacts we create and new customer candidates.


The sales application is the application that will make you the happiest in Odoo. Because this is the first goal of a company. Making and invoicing a sale is simple and easy with Odoo. Because Odoo is far from complex operations with its user-friendly interface. With the Odoo sales module, you can make a sale to your customers in minutes.


Every company needs to procure goods from the market both in order to sell it and for its own needs. At this point, it is very important to buy goods from the right suppliers at affordable prices. It is also Odoo’s job to establish a fast and reliable connection with suppliers.


Goods purchased and produced in-house are kept in stock until they meet the customer. Inventory management is a job that requires dedication. It is not possible to deliver a product that is not properly stacked in warehouses to the consumer immediately. Odoo simplifies this complicated process with barcodes and special storage methods.


Odoo accounting is an application where we can instantly organize the customer, supplier, bank, cash and various journals that our company keeps daily. In this way, all kinds of activities of our company are recorded in the accounting books. We also track checks, notes, cash or bank transfers and statements. With the balance sheet and profit and loss reports, we have detailed information about our company.

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